CEU Program

Why Porcelain Tile

Code: Landmark1
Length/Credit: AIA: 1LU | IDCEC: 0.1 CEU
Approved by: AIA & IDCEC
Provided by: Landmark Ceramics



The user of porcelain tiles enjoys an extremely broad selection, with infinite technical and design possibilities. This broad selection accounts for tile’s highly competitive status in the industry: a broad selection whose value is enhanced not only by the promotion of a broader use of porcelain tiles, but also by an all-important education in the correct use of these tiles, as a critical requisite to consumer satisfaction. Porcelain tile is a construction material specifically intended to cover floors and walls in both residential and commercial projects. As a finishing material that contributes to the look of an environment, porcelain tile has a design function, and must appeal to the final user. This course was put together to promote the value of porcelain tile and to highlight its broad selection; as well as to illustrate the functionality and durability of porcelain tiles and to prove how they can contribute to a friendly environment and to user safety.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand what is porcelain tile
2. Understand the functionality and durability of porcelain tile
3. Understand the characteristics of porcelain tile with regard to user safety
4. Understand the precautions taken in the porcelain tile industry concerning environmental responsibilities

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